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Wealth Research

since 25 years

Andreas Bornefeld (Netstudien) has been researching and collecting information on entrepreneurs and companies worldwide for 25 years. The research now includes> 25.000 families.

Since 2016 Andreas Bornefeld has also been co-author and researcher of the Manager Magazin (leading german business magazine)-list „The 1001 richest Germans“, which has been expanded with his data from 500 to 1001 profiles.

Global Single Family Office-Database

To date, the database includes approximately 6.150 single family offices of families/individuals with assets of $ 300 million worldwide. In an ongoing project, the database is constantly expanding based on the list of the 15.600 richest families. In addition, family offices are also covered by families with assets under $ 300 million.

For Germany the portfolio comprises> 4.800 contact details, although this is not always a pure family office, but for lower assets also asset management, investment and real estate companies.

  • Selection by assets
  • Selection by postal code / region
  • Selection by industry
  • Selection for „sale of the company“

Single Family Office Lists

Top 1550 USA
Top 1400 Germany
Top 400 UK
Top 330 Switzerland
Top 230 Spain


Top 200 France
Top 160 UAE
Top 140 Netherlands
Top 140 Luxembourg
Top 120 Brazil


Top 120 Norway
Top 120 Austria
Top 110 Italy
Top 100 Australia
Top 100 Canada


Top 95 Belgium
Top 70 Denmark
Top 60 Saudi Arabia
Top 60 Singapore
Top 60 India

The richest families in each country

Examples of rich families and entrepreneurial elites in the countries of the world
Here you will find many names from the database of the 6.300 richest families in Germany and the 15.600 richest families of the world.


International Datenbase

The database contains information on 20.000 entrepreneurial families worldwide. Background to the entrepreneurial elite of every country in the world.

The key figures for the 15.600 richest families in the world with assets of> $ 300 million were categorized in Excel, 6.150 also with contact data of their Single family offices. The research will be continued on an ongoing basis.


German Database

The database contains information on 8.000 entrepreneurial families since the 18th century. Information about company histoy, possessions and family trees.

The most important figures for the 6.300 richest families today were categorized in Excel, 4.800 of them also with contact details.


Individual background research on entrepreneurial families, corporate links, networks.

Research on the seriousness of possible business partners or customers.


Services at a glance (9 pages):


The richest families in each country

Examples of rich families and entrepreneurial elites in the countries of the world


All data at a glance

The german and international data are classified into different categories:

  • Owner
  • Company
  • Industry / Sub-industry
  • Sales figures
  • Founding year
  • Listed/Private Company
  • Foundation-owned Company / Charity
  • Family business or sale of the company (with year)
  • Profile
  • ZIP / Region
  • Wealth (in Million $)
  • Contact details
  • Religion
  • Noble family
  • Immigration


since 20 years

20 years of research-on-demand services for management consulting, marketing and strategy departments and agencies. Analyzes, trends, market reports, studies. Individual research on any topic according to customer specifications with complete price transparency.

Netstudien has extensive experience with digitization projects, Industry 4.0, startup screening, Internet trends and market data.

With the Investors/Partner-Check you can check the seriousness of an entrepreneur.

Are you not sure if a (new) customer, business partner or investor is really serious? Netstudien investigates the background, corporate networks, connections of all kinds and gives hints on possible risks..

  • Criminal developments, fraud
  • Bankruptcies, indebtedness
  • Previous investments
  • Links to other investors

Use the data for  scientific evaluations or as a source for journalistic stories!

The database of the world’s 14.000 richest families is a unique source of world wealth data. It can be used as a basis for international studies.

Possible topics:


  • Did the families immigrate and from which country? Options: Overview of Overseas Chinese or Overseas Indians; foreign Germans, shares of Chinese entrepreneurs in Southeast Asian countries, successful Diaspora communities etc.
  • Age of family businesses in comparison, longevity of enterprises (also by industry); Evaluation possible for decades.
  • Analysis of the largest foundations/founders worldwide, analysis of the largest foundations.
  • Listed vs. private companies.
  • Industry differences between countries: Selection possible according to 36 upper and 335 subsectors.
  • Assets comparisons.
  • Religious and ethnic minorities.
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