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The database includes the richest families in the world as well as the largest family businesses.

For each country in the world, research was conducted on the leading entrepreneurial families. The search was limited not only to the current entrepreneurs, but also to families of the 18./19. Century. The data includes both current and historical data.

From these basic data, the 15.600 families with assets> $ 300 million were filtered out and categorized into different categories in Excel.

How did Netstudies determine the data?



Here are some thousand examples of rich families and entrepreneurial elites in the countries of the world


Single Family Offices

For 5.000 families, the Single family offices have already been identified.

Owner family, main owner

Only whole families are detected, several billionaires from one family are included in one entry.

Main company on which the wealth is based.

Selection possible for 36 industries
Selection possible for 335 sub-industries

3 categories:



„Sold“ = Main Company was sold

3 categories:

„Family“ = The company is controlled by the person / family.

„x“ = less than 32% (listed) or less than 50% (unlisted)

„Year“ = year of sale of the main enterprise.

All still family-controlled companies with> $ 2 billion in sales

Year of foundation of the enterprise or entrepreneurial activity

Classification of the foundation years after decades (P1970 = 1970-1989, P1960 = 1960-1969)



CHARITY: Assets of $ 100 million or more were donated or put into a
nonprofit foundation):

„Donation> $ 100 Million“,

„Donation> 1bn $“

„Giving Pledge“

Main nationality of the family.

For example the families Rausing and Kamprad are classified as Swedes, even if they have moved abroad or the corporations have relocated their headquarters abroad.

Africa, MENA, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Oceania, North America, Middle America, South America

Business activities (including sales, if available), shareholdings, other large assets, foundations (with asset information)

Assets (in millions of dollars)
Current asset estimates from all available rankings (2019). This can be used to create a global wealth ranking. Figures in local currencies have been converted to $, so often odd numbers are available. Older assets are also recorded, but not taken into account for the ranking.

Mainly (minority) religions are recorded in some countries: e.g. Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Parsi, Ismailis etc.

Worldwide, the countries of origin were registered by immigrant entrepreneurs.

Did the families immigrate and from which country?
Options: Overview of Overseas Chinese or Overseas Indians; shares of Chinese entrepreneurs in Southeast Asian
Countries etc.)

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