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Many companies do not have a full-time research department. At this point Netstudien starts: Fast and reliable research on all sorts of topics. Whether company portraits, industry surveys or individual questions. They get information, the basis for their business decisions.

Research-on-Demand Services for business consulting, marketing and strategy departments and agencies.

Individual research on any topic according to customer specifications with complete price transparency.



Netstudien supports consultants and marketing decision makers, e.g. in digitization projects, in particular by researching market studies, trends and case studies. Also in demand are screenings of startups in certain areas and information for the validation and preparation of business plans.

Sector profiles

Get a better insight into your customers, your competitors and the current and future developments in the market. Netstudien researches information on current trends, corporations, value chains, strategies, market figures and developments in an industry.

Company profiles

Up-to-date information about company strategies, decision-makers in the company, company structures, offers, sales structure and development, internet and digitization strategy as well as market figures. From many points of view, information is collected and condensed in several steps.

Individual Briefing

Extensive analysis of customer-specific inquiries of all kinds: An information broker does not have to be proficient in any topic, but he can quickly become familiar with completely foreign topics. Decisive for finding the right information is a detailed briefing. Netstudien has 20 years experience in the field of information broking via Internet.

Short free pre-research – test without obligation!

Netstudien differs from other infobrokers on the Internet, which often offer only standardized database query offerings. In the process, everyone can often obtain a lot of this information completely free of charge on the Internet. The added value of an information broker is not to settle simple database queries for a lot of money, but to find the desired information quickly and then consolidate it from various sources in a cost-effective way.

General information on hourly or daily rates often confuses you, because they do not say anything about the quality and speed of an info broker. What matters is not the amount of the hourly rate, but the speed with which the information is found and processed.

  • After clarification of the information requirements: Free, non-binding pre-search
  • Usually no database or additional costs
  • The actual price depends on how far the information should be condensed.

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